Lean Transformation: Improving lead time, quality, and productivity

Value Stream Mapping was used to identify the most promising opportunities for improvement as well as to plan a series of kaizen events.

Each Lean initiative was conducive to implementing or strengthening practices like  Standard Work, Quick Changeover, 5S or TPM.

Critical-to-Quality characteristics were identified and monitored in order to determine where capability improvements would be most useful or necessary. Six Sigma DMAIC was used to reduce process variability.

Lean Improvements

Other projects conducted in the Medical and Diagnostic Devices sector included:

  • Supply Chain Management: Tailor-made Customer Response Strategies (CRS)
  • Six Sigma: Process Capability Improvement
  • Quality Compliance: Revised and improved strategies
  • Lean: New factory layout

The TRIZ workshop expanded our ability to think outside of the constraints of the problem. It gave us a very different approach to problem structuring and solving and gave us a set of tools which are complementary to how we usually deal with problem solving and thinking about innovation. It was a very enjoyable workshop with many interesting new perspectives

N.G., Director of Research and Development, Medical Devices Manufacturer

Our work is based on the quality and the effectiveness of our people. Lean Leader added perspective and method to my ability to set priorities that helped us reduce lead times and keep a perfect score on quality. In the end, the program helped me to better sustain the company’s competitive advantage.

M.C., Director of Operations, Medical Devices Manufacturer