Learning is the first step towards excellence. Our educational programs focus on the topics that individuals and companies alike should pay attention to in order to achieve the skills and the tools needed to improve their business projects.

Our aim is to deliver the fundamental knowledge required to deliver business excellence in great organizations.  The combination of Lean and Six Sigma provides an effective methodological framework to successfully address most problem and to seize profitable opportunities.

The mind is not a vessel to be filled but a fire to be kindled – Plutarch


Coaching is about helping people to develop stronger abilities to engage themselves and others as well as build effective teams.
The primary goal of our coaching sessions is to help people deliver results on their projects, not only by removing technical or methodological roadblocks but also by inspiring them to push themselves beyond their limits.
Through coaching we encourage business leaders to create a sense of purpose, autonomy, and mastery across their organization. We believe that not only do human beings “feel” better when they are engaged, but they also become more productive and creative at what they do.

When in doubt, do the right thing