The exams are open to anyone who aims to achieve excellence in what they do. It may take you more than one attempt to pass, but this is meant to guarantee a standard level of learning and preparation to those who manage to pass them.

Generally, you will be directed to a test-center partner near you. However, in case you receive a special exemption, a computer, a tablet or a smartphone may be used to take the test online.

You are going to be evaluated on your ability to answer each question correctly and to achieve a 75% passing score within a specific and limited time-frame.

Each exam has its own key-points, but they all require that you are familiar with all topics of the L6S GST Body of Knowledge, which has been assembled by a team of experts – according to a selection of the best literature in the field -and validated by an Advisory Committee, comprising leaders of a selected group of multinational organizations.

Candidates must be familiar with the GST Body of Knowledge;

It is advisable that candidates have completed a full Black Belt coursework in Lean, Six Sigma or both which usually takes several weeks of training or more than 200 hours of preparation. For Operation Management, candidates should have completed at least 50 hours of coursework.

For Six Sigma it is also highly recommended being familiar with statistical software such as Minitab, SPSS, SAS etc.

Each test has its own time frame that will be displayed in the lower part of your screen;

The clock will not start ticking when you log in, but only when you will insert your name and email, and ultimately confirm that you are ready to begin;

You will not be able to pause or reset the examination clock.

A quiet environment;

A valid access key;

A reliable Internet connection;

A non-programmable calculator.

Time doesn’t stop, nor can it be stopped. If you leave the exam session or lose your internet connection, the countdown of the remaining time will still continue.

If you feel that you have been incorrectly disconnected from the exam or that you experienced technical difficulties for which you had not been able to complete it, contact our customer service at

Exams have been designed in a multiple choice format with 4 possible answers but, occasionally, a true/false question might also appear;

You can select and confirm only one answer at the time before proceeding to the next one;

All questions are scored with the same weighting;

You will be prevented to change already given answers;

Omitted answers are equivalent to wrong ones.

The results will be displayed as soon as the last question is answered or the time expires, along with a brief report. You will receive a summary email too.

The certificate will be sent to you by email in a .pdf / .xps format.

You may request a printed certificate for a small fee, variable upon courier rates.

Access keys expire one year after the date of purchase. Within this time-frame you are free to schedule your exam session whenever it is most convenient for you.

Global Standard Tests have been crafted based on a verifiable body of knowledge inspired by the requirements of a number of global leading organizations. GSTs aim to help everyone to demonstrate a level of knowledge that can be universally recognizable and verifiable (for example, through the Talent Appraisal test).

When you pass the exam you will have earned a credential that you will be able to showcase on your resume and use in professional contexts. Also, while no one can promise that getting certified will boost your career, this has often been the case as many individuals have advanced professionally within a year of their certification.

No. However, the L6S Advisory Committee strongly encourages re-certification every five years to ensure that practitioners keep up with current trends and maintain their preparation fresh and relevant.

Re-certification fees are 50% of regular certification fees

You can validate the reliability of your certification by referring to the L6S GST Body of Knowledge. Otherwise, you can take any equivalent Talent Appraisal Test to have an idea about the contents of the corresponding general standard tests.

Yes, we do! Contact our customer service at for more details.

Yes, there is. The L6S Advisory Committee adopts an Honor System Philosophy based on a set of principles known as “the five certifications pillars”.

The five pillars are: adult learning environment, open-book testing, time limits for completing the exams, randomization and continuous revision and provable preparation.

We ask the candidates to sign a statement (“I pledge my honor that I have not violated the GST Honor Code during this examination”) at the end of their exams and we firmly believe that the only unfair forms of taking the exam would either to receive assistance or to try to tamper with the time score or questions.